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Downloading Files from Survey-Providers such as Fileice is a bit tricky because you have to fill out a Survey to get your File.
We know that many of our Customers have Problems with completing these, so we wrote this Tutorial to help you out.

Just complete any Survey below with your valid Information and the Download will unlock.
Choose one of the given Surveys and complete it. There are pretty easy Surveys where you just have to register somewhere. Of course there are also paid Surveys, Mobile-Phone Offers for Example.
If you are interested in a paid offer, choose it, if not, just complete one of the free one’s, it's absolutely your Choice.

Most of the Surveys last about 1-2 Minutes. Also, be sure you enter valid Information to unlock the requested File.

After you have filled out the Survey your Download should unlock. If not, try it again with another Survey or use one of our Tools which we recommend to get through Surveys.

The first Tool is Fakenamegenerator. It can be useful if you need legit Information and don't want to use your own.
Other good Tools which will definately help you if you don't live in the United States of Americs are VPNs.

VPNs simply change your IP. We recommend VPN-Software which changes your IP to one from the USA, because you'll definately get free Surveys offered. So if you just get paid Surveys, it would be a good Decision to download
Free Hide IP.

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